Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Craft: Newsletter

Is awesome! If you have not signed up to get your newsletter yet, you really should. This one had these highlights:

Designing a Softie, Frog Softie Pattern, Knit Fruit, Mochimochi Grass Knit Pattern, Wicket the Ewok Crochet Pattern, Knit Small Dolls Pattern, Crochet Pac-Man, Stripe-y Patchwork Cat Pattern, and Happy Poo Amigurumi Pattern.

Perfect for all of you plushie lovers.

To sign up, go here


Lightning said...


That is a FANTASTIC site! Thank you!

Natalie said...

thanks kristen!

Melynda Tetpon said...

I am confused. Do they just have a newsletter you can sign up for? I usually go and purchase my magazine from B&N after it comes out.

Schmancy said...

yes, there is a newsletter you can sign up for that highlights certain topics, etc.