Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hug'em or run for the hills?

Hey all, Robert here. Joining an infamous line of such puckish tricksters as imps, gremlins, leprechauns and goblins, I'm pleased to introduce the cursters. From the madcap mind of Minneapolis based artist Erin Currie these fantastic beasties are sewn from vinyl, faux fur, pleather, leather and suede and feature hand painted faces.

They're beautifully constructed many featuring intricate reverse applique designs, made all the more impressive by the fact that each creature is constructed without the aid of patterns or stencils. The prolific one-of-a-kind cursters series has consumed Erin for the past year, many of which can be viewed in her Etsy shop and its sold

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Claire said...

Holy cow. That is amazing. The little teeth will be haunting my nightmares forever.

natasha said...

wow. did i say wow? the craftwoman(hee)ship is amazing. wow. did i mention wow? gorgeous.

LoveDynamite said...

These are so cool:d