Friday, August 04, 2006


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I finally got my group email list in order. I sent everyone participating in this years show an email recently and if you did not get it for some reason, please let me know. The two people who I know did not are: Friggers and Kristina Karkov. If you are reading this...i need your email asap.

I guess I can say this here but Plush You! will become a book. A real book, published, for sale. It's so exciting and really crazy. This is why I need your emails correct now. There is a permission slip you all need to sign and send to the publishing company asap so that you can take part in it. I would like everyone to send me a note to when you have sent it. We will be working hard to make this a really great book so organization seems key.

Congrats to us all! Yippy

keep looking here for more info. if you need to find questions they are archived in July i believe.


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sewing stars said...

i don't think i got an e-mail...i thought you had it though...

teresa at sewingstars dot com