Thursday, July 20, 2006

More News from Schmancy

Looks awesome just so you all know. All the things that have arrived at my door have been amazing. I am really looking forward to this show and think it will be the best show yet.

A couple of things. We got a photographer and he will be taking pics in the next two weeks.

I just found out that i will be interviewed for the new Make: magazine called Make: Craft (i think). This interview will be on their blog I believe and i will be talking about the plush show. yahoooooo

I need HELP! If you are located in Seattle and want to volunteer any of your time I would love love love you. There is simply too much for one lady to do and I might loose my mind before the show if i don't have some help. What do i need help with? Thanks for asking. Well i need some organizational help, some marketing help and lots of other help as well. If you are interested i think it's a great opportunity to learn some event planning stuff, be apart of this super awesome show AND I'll be your best friend forever. If you need more info about this and would like to do it, shoot me an email. I have a lot of emails right now and try as hard as i can to get back to you all in a timely manner. Maybe put in the subject line "BFF"

byebye for now


Anna Maria said...

I looked through your blog but could not find more info on the "show" you are talking about. When, where, what.
I just hate that I have spent so much time in Seattle lately, and just blocks from your place, but haven't been inside your store, or stores. Maybe in September!
Anna Maria

Schmancy said...

Plush You
October 7th
a showcase of wonderful plush creations by people from around the world.