Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More info Finally!

Sorry I have been out of the loop in a major way. I moved Schmancy into it's larger home and have been away for a little. I am finally able to get out some new info to you as I had another meeting yesterday about the show. First off, I did start an email for you guys and if anyone did not get an email about the due date, please contact me asap so I can get you on that list. If you sent me an email a long time ago and then changed your info...well I can only do so much investigation so please remember to update that stuff with me.

So the date to get your stuff in is July 20th. If you can't make that date but would still like to participate that's fine but you will not be apart of the website. If you still want to send your item later for the show then talk to me. We need your stuff in this early for all the planning we need to still do for the show. It's a lot of work and the less stressful it is the more fun we have.

We decided it would be cool to have some info on you guys for the site that will go along with the image. So if you could take a few minutes out of your day in the near future to shoot me an email that answers 2 out of the 15...that would be great. We have some on the more serious side and some really silly ones. It seems hard to get certain things out of people so we thought this runs the gamet so you don't feel too much pressure. Plus it will make the site more fun. When you do your questions please send me an email with "Plush You Bio" in the subject heading. Also include your name (what you want to see on the site), your location and your website.

The Questions are as follows:
1) Why do you do this?
2) Is this your full time job? If no, what is?
3) What is your inspiration?
4) What is your favorite tv show?
5) What do you listen to while you work on plush?
6) Where do you sell stuff? (if this is a long list please don't do this one)
7) Do you have your own collection of toys and/or plush?
8) Your next vacation destination?
9) cake or pie?
10) Your favorite plush artist?
11) Your goals for your plush business?
12) Your favorite extra curricular activity?
13) Favorite sandwich?
14) Favorite fabric?
15) What's your dream job?

Please take your time answering if you can. Make it fun.

I will try harder to put more stuff on this as I can. I lost my camera so it's not as fun without pictures but hopefully I can buy another one soon. As always, please feel free to put stuff on here as often as you want.

More to come soon.


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