Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Steff Bomb Interview

 Meet Steff Bomb who makes monsters with buck teeth and adorable expressions.  She is Schmancy's next plush exclusive.  Coming out very soon are these awesome chipwiches (i will announce when they are ready for grabs).  A limited edition so if you want to place a hold, let me know.  Until then, read more about the lady behind chipwiches and many other cuddly foods.

S- What was the inspiration behind this exclusive?

SB- After any Chicago winter, I am always ready for the summer to come back full force. Even though it's only 50 degrees outside, I'm already riding my bike in a t-shirt- haha. All I wanna do is think about summer fun, so it was either make ice cream or a bottle of SPF 70.

S- What are your summer plans?
SB- My only real plans are to actually try and enjoy the summer more. I spent the whole time last year inside sewing.  Before I could say "let's go to the beach", it was cold again. I'm a bit of a workaholic, but I guess that goes hand in hand with my stubbornness in wanting to sew plush for a living. I'm going to have to find balance with work and fun, or just find a portable sewing machine (maybe one that runs on batteries) so I can sew outside all day.

S- What are some of your goals for 2010 for your business?
SB- Not only surviving (which is definitely not easy at times), but growing in every area -- from getting my plush in stores, to expanding merchandise (new plush, t-shirts, prints, etc), to collaborations and gallery shows. Just trying to get my name out there and keep my fingers crossed that people enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it.

S- Where might you like to see your plush in 2018?
SB- It's weird to think that I have been doing this for 7 years already and still love it with every old bone in my body. I just hope that by 2018 I am far better at sewing than I am now, haha. I would like to think that I'll still be making plush then, but maybe because it's the future it'll be cyborg sandwiches instead of people food.
S- Favorite cookie/ice cream sandwich combo?

SB- Easy, cookies & cream...which is really just Oreos and vanilla. To be fair though, you won't ever have to twist my arm to eat any cookie/ice cream sandwich combo.

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denise weiss said...

I'm a big fan of Steff Bomb and I love her work. They're adorable, edgy and well-made.