Friday, April 09, 2010

Plush You Seattle

I hope there was enough time for the dust to settle with Plush You! L.A. so that I can now announce that applications are up for Plush You! here in Seattle.  As always, the show in Seattle is in October (opening reception is Oct. 8th) Please read this thoroughly if you plan on applying as there are a few new rules.

#1: I am going to start having a very small application fee ($5).  I hope that this small fee is not a big deal for anyone and I have many reasons for doing it.

#2: Please send the following pieces of information to plushyou2010seattle(at)gmail(dot)com
                               a) Your name
                             b) THREE PHOTOS ONLY that represent the kind of work you do.  I know you get    excited about your work and want to show all your best but there is one of me and hundreds of you.  I will not process applications if these photos are links.  Just send jpeg images as an attachment.  It's really hard for me to make decisions when I have to go back and forth between links and such.  So please send images as attachments ONLY.
                              c) Where you live
                              d) Website or blog link
                              e) Your $5 via paypal to kristen(at)schmancytoys(dot)com

#3: Once all information has been received you will get a confirmation email letting you know that your application has been processed.

#4: Deadline for applications is May 10th.  I will make my decisions by May 18th and send out all acceptance letters or sadly rejection letters.

How does she decide????
This is the hardest decision to make.  Some of the judges for the Schmancy Olympic Challenge got a glimmer of how hard it is.  Things that I consider include any and all of the following: the quality of work, i am always trying to showcase a variety of work that represents different mediums in which plush is made, where you live (esp. for L.A.), types of work to have a nice balance (cute, creepy, cuddly).

I hope that you understand my decisions.  Thank you for your constant support.  xo


Melissa Sue said...

and, don't feel you need to explain yourself as a curator - it's an art form in itself, and it's your eye and judgment that puts together the best installation possible.

Unknown said...

okay, stupid question (maybe) but can more than plush be in the picture? I have a dragon and monster that go together can they be together in the picture or would that count as two?

Cronopia said...

I would love to participate, I live in Chile, I can?.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, for those of us who have NO idea what you're talking about (I received an email about this and am an artist who works with plush) and who can't find any details on the matter on this blog, would you mind posting an explanation of exactly what Plush You Seattle is going to be about other than, well, Plush animals? How long have you been doing this, what sort of exhibit is it going to be, will artists' have their work on sale, etc. etc. etc?

Ayelet said...

Is it open for non US-residents as well?

Missy said...

Seattle'S Plush You is a great event!

Is it also at Nancy, Fancy, and Blue Bottle this year?

Schmancy said...

You can get creative with your photos but I only want to see 3 photos. Anyone is allowed to apply, no matter where you live. I really like having artists from all over the world. And for what Plush You! is, it is an annual plush show here in Seattle. I am not sure what other stores will participate this year but will soon. Schmancy accepts about 65 artists to show and the other stores have 12+. It's on display (and for sale) for a month and then sometimes things stay until they find new homes. If you would like to see examples of previous shows visit

Petite Wanderlings said...

Do you have a mailing list for calls for artists for the shows you curate? Thank you, Lisa

Schmancy said...

You can send me an email to be on my mailing list. kristen(at)schmancytoys(dot)com

Petite Wanderlings said...

Do you have a mailing for for calls for artists for the shows you curate?

Petite Wanderlings said...

wonderful, thank you!

ZabrattaStudio said...

WOW I have just sent the email and paying my subscriptions :)