Sunday, March 21, 2010




Hibou Cards

"My name is Bunnie, and I am a member of the Schmancy Olympic Ski Team. Funny tho', as I don't really ski,  the *apres* ski scene is more my style. You know, hang out at the lodge, watch the cute hares as they come in from the slopes, sip a carrotini or two.
You may know that we didn't really get much snow up here for the official games, and I really wanted to pose with some real snow but alas, spring has sprung and us bunnies are now busy gettin' busy! Gotta hop! See you at the lodge!" By Cynthia Frenette

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 Alison Bailey

 Pterodactyl Pants


bleblebob said...

AWWWW man I'm up against some really good ones, good luck to you all.

Snowcatcher said...

Amazing! Wonderful imagination by all!