Friday, May 22, 2009

Maker Faire HERE WE COME!

I am so excited to get out of town for a few days and go down to California for the Maker Faire. I will be sharing a booth with my birthday twin Moxie. She will mostly be over at her Felt Playground so you can go play with her and learn from the felting master. We will be at booth #60 so please come by and say hello.

I am also really excited that some other local Seattle people will be there. Including my friends from Bluebottle here in Seattle. They will be sitting right next to me selling all of the work by Matthew Porter, co-owner of Bluebottle Art Gallery. I LOVE Matthew's work. It's really fun. I think that's the best word for it. I mean who doesn't love monkeys? Andrea and I also started Grassroots Business Association with a few others and recently started up our blog all about Seattle, Monkey Around Seattle.

Our buddies over at Chikabird/randl will also be a hop and skip away from us. They make really great stuff! I feel like they are always coming up with something new and cool.

Sooo I think for this next week I will be posting a lot about the show, who's gonna be there, how excited I am and all that.


Leeanna Butcher said...

hooray! I will see you there- looking forward to all the crafty goodness. :D

Bluebottle Art Gallery said...

thanks for the shout out - I am so ready to go!