Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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The Crafts Dept. @ Martha Stewart. Not that I have the time to do this but I would love to have a book where I keep different stitches, craftiness, etc. This book looks like pure eye candy!

Mirror Mirror has these cute little Easter tree decorations. I didn't know there was an Easter tree but these would be cute for a lot of different things. I spotted my picture on her site too which was funny.

March is Button Month over at Craft Stylish. I want to put up a project to start promoting my new book, Button and Stitch: Supercute Ways to Use Your Button Stash. It's not out until the end of the year but I want to start promotion soon. This cute headband is the latest addition to tons of button projects shared daily.

I just sent a bunch of leather scraps to my friend Betsy but I wish I had seen this project first...I could have sent her an owl along with the scraps.

I really wish I had known about the candy shop, Papabubble the last time I was in NYC. I have no plans to visit anytime soon so hopefully I will remember by the next time I go. Just read about on Kayte's site. I love this photo. This candy reminds me of Friends with You

There are some great tutorials on Oh Fransson on various quilting topics. She makes beautiful quilts too so lot's of eye candy over there.

Look at this BEAUTIFUL embroidered envelope I found on Feeling Stitchy. Embroidered by Kajin. I really can't get over it.



mafaldanobre said...

Hey there! (:

the candy faces, although reminds friends with you, reminds me bimbo dolls from Boris Hoppeck!

keep the fantastic work!

*** Mafalda

Anonymous said...

I was just about to say that I think that those candy faces probably are inspired by Boris Hoppek, as Papabubble is originally from Barcelona and Boris Hoppek is a street artist living in Barcelona.

I've visited the Papabubble candy shop in Barcelona several times. Those very cute and delicious candies are hand-made.