Sunday, October 14, 2007


Well Plush You! was a success. So many people came out for it! It was so nice to meet so many new people and see some people I have met before. My tradition for the last few year's on the morning of Plush You! is to go get breakfast with friends at Le Pichet a block from Schmancy. This year it was nice to have Mai Le meet us before she ran around town. It was really fun to be able to hang out with Lizette Greco at the show. She and her family are awesome. Dawn Ramerman was overjoyed that Lizette was here. Dawn and her husband are so sweet and brought me a bottle of Vodka! Thank you so much. You guys are too sweet. It was also awesome to meet the man behind Pawvilla before the opening since once the show started I didn't have much time to talk to many people. Thank goodness we have had some nice sunny days here in Seattle for all the visitors. I have to say that I think Green Star Studio wrote the best summary of what this show meant to her and hopefully to many more. It was great to meet you two! I hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay in Seattle.
There are plenty of pictures up on the web world already and I am sure there are many more to come. I will be putting up my pictures as soon as I can upload my pics to a decent computer. My mac is sick. booo.

Thanks again to all of you for making this show the best one to date.


Anonymous said...

Yeah i am putting up my pics right now! I really enjoyed myself!

Raggy Rat said...

hi there, from all the flickr pics and blogs i have caught up with it looks super fun and im drooling and jealous .... could i ever take part? i brought a whole bunch of raggyrat stuff to a pet expo (PA) in 2002, that was quite an adventure ... well done, cat xxx

Fall 2011 said...

aw thanks! it was SO nice to meet you too. thanks for putting this all together (i'm already looking forward to next year!). and i DO feel fueled... i just need to find the time to use all that fuel; between all the exhibtions, festivals, shows and restocking retail i'll be doing before the holidays, its not fuel i need now, its HOURS! but this is good busy, right?
seattle was great, the show was great; we tourist-ed it up and loved every minute of it; and my brother had a great birthday, so that's good too. i'm glad the knitimals found a safe and happy place to crash for a while (beware though, they tend to settle in and make themselves comfy. they didn't look like they had any intention of coming back to baltimore!). keep in touch! xoxo dana

Cyndy Eng-Dinsel said...

Looks like I found out about the Plush You event in Seattle too late! Is there a mailing list one can get on to be notified about cool stuff like this?