Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Are you coming?

I continue to get fun packages in the mail (it's like Christmas here right now!!) and in some of these fun packages are notes that say "see you in October" and this leads me to think that perhaps some/many of you are possibly coming for the show! That makes me really excited so I wanted to pass along some helpful information to you about where to stay, etc.

The most obvious, the cheapest, yet still really clean hotel I can think of is The Moore Hotel. The Moore Hotel is not fancy but who needs it? What the Moore Hotel is, is in the middle of Schmancy, Nancy and Fancy + Pants! It's in the heart of all the magic. It's also really clean and an awesome price. So I would basically say just stay there. We are all located two blocks from Pikes Place Market, Belltown, shopping, great restaurants, etc.

If you need something fancier let me know and I can steer you in that direction.

Also, PLEASE let me know if you are coming. I would love to get all participants to wear a little badge so you can all get to know other plush artists and just to let people know who you are. I will have badges at all stores so please come by and get one on the night of the show.

Just so you also all know, the show opens up this year on Oct. 12th. The show will go from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. If you arrive the day before, you are welcome to help us put the show up. It's really fun, you get to meet some of the other participants, have more one on one conversation before the madness AND you get to see all the plushie goodness before anyone else!

I am getting super excited for this year's show. It's going to be the best one yet!


Barbara Prime said...

Aww, I'm really sad that I can't make it. It's really just too far from where I live, besides the fact that I'll be in the middle of my honeymoon when it starts! I'll just have to let my little critters have all the fun for me :)

Fall 2011 said...

i'll be there! and SOOOO looking forward to meeting everyone (stuffed and otherwise). i think my flight gets in pretty late on the 11th... i'll check and if not, i'd love to help set up!* danamarie hosler