Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Last week on Blogger.

Hey friends.  I have decided no matter what is going on with my website, I am going to stop blogging here after this week.  I am consolidating my blog and website because that makes way more sense and will streamline my life a bit.  I will definitely keep up with blogging and all about Plush You! but just there.  All there!  It is so close to being launched, even if it's not perfect it's getting there and can always be a work in progress.  Anyways, once it's up and running I will announce the new link and ask that you please follow me there as well.  There will also be a new Schmancy Plush Exclusive the day it's launched so be on the lookout friends.  Thanks so much for all the love. xoxo, kristen


Nicolas Frisby said...

Forgive me, but what is the link for where you'll be posting from now on? Thanks.

Schmancy said...

As soon as it's launched I'll let you guys know!

Lou Lou and Oscar said...

Looking forward to seeing the new site & very excited about the Plush exclusive! Can't