Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Airplanes- they get places

Today I am flying to Cleveland, Ohio.  I grew up there and my parents are planning to move to these parts sometime this year.  We were hoping to go to Cleveland for Christmas this year but $800 flights just seem offensive.  We decided to postpone the holiday a few weeks and go for much cheaper!  I will also be going to NYC for a few days after since it didn't really make a difference in price.  Might as well right?  I am excited to chill out.  This past year was a lot of work and I think I deserve a no work vacation!  I hope the snow doesn't put a cramp in any of my travels.  Cross those fingers please! 

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Anna said...

Have a great trip! Looking forward to seeing you in NYC!

out of the frame said...

enjoy your travels :)