Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tea Towels

I am not sure if I really need to start collecting tea towels but I am really drawn to them.  Here's some goodies.

Coucou Salut

Michelle Brusegaard

Dear Colleen UK

Creations By Christi

Fuzzy Mug

The Heated


retromigosia said...

I like it.I have about 20 tea towels. I don't use them because they are beautiful and I keep them in the drawer. I have a collection too and I do not know about it.

lauren carney said...

Aloha lovely!
Your blog is quite applaudable!
Here's cheers to you this festive season!
Keep up the brilliant posts!
AND Merry Christmas x x

Cassandra said...

I love these! I WILL have some of my own someday...starting with these I think: (my favorites on Etsy).