Thursday, November 04, 2010


I just got a copy of the awesome box set, Craft-In, edited by Kathleen McCafferty.  Craft-In has 12 project booklets inside. They are super cute and easy to throw in your bag to work on your during your lunch hour or bus ride.

Included inside are the following:

*Jar Lid
*Great Cupcake Makeover
*All the Hoopla
*Stupid Sock Creature Social
*Crochet Cactus
*Pet Portrait Embroidery
*Mint Tin Tiny World
*Strawberry Fields Forever
*Shrinkable Adornments
*Little Ireland
*Retro Paper Doll Party
*Culture Club Pocketbook Logs

You could get all your holiday gifts made using this handy box-set! I am giving away one Stupid Sock Creature!  Enter your name here along with your favorite childhood craft and I will choose a winner on Nov. 20th.  Please leave a way for me to contact you!


Liane said...

How adorable!

My favorite memory of childhood crafting was making homemade valentines with my mom and brother. :)


Simply Scraps said...

When I was little I got this tiny tiny sewing machine that actually worked for christmas! I loved making doll clothes and little quilts for all my barbies :)

ruthie said...

marble painting and coffee filter flowers were a favorite childhood craft for me

BeBe Babies said...

Oh gosh when I was a kid I liked making everything! I really liked making those iron bead designs, friendship bracelets and those loop looms that made pot holders. :)

Irit said...

I used to do so many crafts as a child, from potato stamping to finger weaving. Where did the years go?...

iritca @ gmail . com

Jo James said...

Would love to win this!
My favorite craft was making God's Eyes out of found sticks and whatever yarn I could get my little hands on. Had them all over my room :)

dawn said...

believe it or not it was embroidery. My mom and grandma both taught me how and I loved it. My clothes were always covered in stitching.

betsy said...

my favorite crafting when i was little was my "barbie dream house." since my parents wouldn't buy one for me, i created one out of old cardboard boxes that i covered with contact paper, construction paper, fabric, anything i could get my hands on. it was great, it had stairs and doors and "teleportation" devices which would zoom barbie from one wing to the other. yep, it had wings, and stood about 3 feet tall and 5 feet wide. i could put windows where ever i wanted, and i cut out curtains out of fabric, and crepe paper to cover the windows to create different kinds of lighting... and it was great, you could add on whenever you wanted. okay, it sagged a bit, but it was still so much fun to build and create my own personal dream house!

that was a bit long!



Jennifer Zwick said...

I liked biting the ends of my barbies' fingers so they'd flatten out enough for me to put nail polish on them. Weird, but it works!

-jenny z.

Collin David said...

Perler beads, straight up. I moved from carefully constructed geometric patterns to bitmapped video game creatures and never looked back. I still sit around and organize them giant jars into color-coded trays.

Donn said...

Popsicle stick houses!

donndevore at clearwire dot net

Jou said...

One of my favorite things to do was sculpting clay!

joulingyee @ gmail . com

perler craft said...

I still like perler beads and still doing it for fun