Friday, September 03, 2010

MY Plush You! LA! Experience

Alright peeps, I am gonna admit something.  I was really scared to go to LA!  I have never been and I guess I had a warped sense of what LA means.  And boy was I glad to discover that I was all kinds of wrong!  LA was great!  Michal let us stay with her for the first three days and was a great host.  We got to see Reform School which was kinda like meeting a celebrity.  We then drove to Disneyland and let me just say that I loved it there!  I think I always kinda thought of Disneyland as being this super corporate place with Disney being so up in your face.  Instead I found it super kitsch in the best way, old and well, AWESOME!  I totally see where people get inspired by it there and well I just can't wait to go again.  I was also super brave and sat in the front on Splash Mountain and loved it so much we went three times!  yeah, I was soaked.

Anyways, most importantly Plush You! was awesome.  The folks at Munky King Toys were so nice!  They were really impressed with all of the artists work.  Not only by the skills you all have but how organized you all are.  I got to meet so many nice people that I have talked with, blogged about, etc. so that was very special.  It's funny because I always say to myself, if I don't make enough money, I can't do this again.  I mean, let's face it, it's money to get myself down there, get an intern down there to help me, rent a car, get hotel rooms, etc.  BUT after the show, I decided, it was worth it.  Of course I would like to make enough to get paid back at least but #1 you never know who might shop there (i mean celebrities do live there) and #2 sometimes I just gotta look at this stuff as advertising and fun!  It was so so fun!  I think it impressed a lot of people too!  As one person told me, "my friend told me about this show and said I should come tonight but I was a bit apprehensive as it sounded too juvenile but I am so glad I did, it's magical".  Good work gang!  Let's make gang shirts soon :)


eternalsunshine said...

Oh there should definitely be "gang shirts"! In time for Seattle??

queen of rudeness said...

one more time many thanks for organize this! you are awesome!
i so regret that i couldn't be there...