Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Plush You LA!

It's hard to believe that in little less than a month away we are going to LA to have our first Plush You! LA show.  Last year I decided to try one more time to have a show somewhere else.  It's a lot of work and expensive.  To make it hopefully profitable I decided I had to go somewhere where plush really sells and LA seems to be it.  I send a lot of plush down to Southern California so I decided I would try one place and if they said yes, I would go for it and if they said no, I wasn't going to investigate other venues.  My top choice...was Munky King.  They seem to have a really good reputation, have been really nice to work with and hopefully all this will mean a successful show!  I have never been to LA and I am pretty excited.  Michal was super nice to offer us a place to stay the first few days and then we are going to Disneyland to meet Sara!  We will stay with her dad that night and then the last few days get a hotel.  I can't wait!  One night Michal, Shelly and I are going to have dinner with Robert which is also very exciting as I have never met him in person.  Don't forget to tell all your friends about the show!  Let's try to sell this bad boy out so I can consider doing it again :)  Who else am I gonna meet down there????

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Jessie Mae said...

Me! I'll be there, and I'm trying to get as many people as I can to go with me.