Friday, July 02, 2010

Meet Our Judges!

Next judge is Sarah Standard from Carissa's Weird.  I feel like I am one of those lucky one's that got to see Carissa's Weird play in Seattle more than one time.  They were magical and sweet and are reuniting for one show.  It should be a great show so if you're in the area, be sure to go!  Sarah plays the violin like no one's business and I am so excited to have her judging this challenge.  Here is a little interview I did with her.  Enjoy!

S- Can you give us a quick run down of your music career thus far?

SS- Let's see- I started playing when I was little, and started playing in bands when I moved to Seattle.  The first three bands I played in were all with Robin Peringer (the original drummer for Carissa's Wierd):  Small Stars, Stella Maris, and then Carissa's Wierd.  After that I played with Plan B, a laptop/ live instruments thing.  I lived in NYC for a while and played with lots of random bands.  I've lately been playing in a new band, Indian Burn.  So that wasn't quick, but that's the run down!

S- The first time I saw Carissa's Weird I was really impressed with your awesomeness. It's not THAT often you see a rockin' violin up on stage. Carissa's Weird is reuniting after many years apart. Lot's have happened in those years to you and the rest of the band members. Are you excited to be all back together again?

SS- short answer- yes!  I truly adore them and it has been super fun to have the chance to all play together again.

S- Of all your talents, what would you say your favorite is?

SS- my ability to remember a good joke, speak five languages, and sew my own dresses...  wait, those are all talents I would like to have...

S- Top 10 all time favorite bands? 

SS- I always have a hard time with the top ten anything, but here goes:  American Analog Set, Built to Spill, Notwist, Elliott Smith, Mos Def, Antony and the Johnsons, 764-Hero, The Cure, Richard Buckner, Velvet Underground.  10!

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