Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Cyndi Lauper!

I grew up a big fan of Cyndi Lauper!  My family was big on camping and road trips as a kid so there were HOURS spent in a car and once the walkman was introduced (hahaha) life on the road changed for kid kristen.  She's So Unusual was blared and choreographed dances were inside my head.  Since the Johnny Depp post was so fun to do, I thought I would keep with this. 

She's So Unusual was her first big hit album and my personal favorite so let's start there.  I mean, HELLO??!!!, Girls Just Want To Have Fun!  (that one was too hard to do but good song eh?)

Time After Time is a goodie...you know for those awkward slow dance moments.  From Plush Off.

So is All Through the Night!  I am currently listening to Cyndi Lauper to "get inspired" and have to admit there was a lot of singing along on this song!  Courtney Oquist

Money Changes Everything...it sure does! Stone Addict money bracelet

Show your True Colors...go on now! Ruffeoheartslilsnoty

And don't forget about her lovely contributions to one of my favorite movies, The Goonies Beat up Creations

Anyways, Happy Birthday Cyndi!  May all your years be as colorful and fun as you are. xo Bubbledog

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Glenys said...

I thonk the clock one is so adorable and plushie.