Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Chickenpants Interview and Plush Exclusive

Claire Chambers of Chickenpants is a sweet sweet lady who makes really funny, cute plush chickens and other creatures with pants on.  She is our latest plush exclusive!  Here is a little interview I did with her recently.  And check out her fan page!  Her plush exclusive will be released tomorrow, June 9th!

S- What was the inspiration behind this project?

CP- I've been really obsessed with bunnies lately. I blame my own house bunny, Finnegan for this. I'm also obsessed with summer hurrying up and getting here already. Somewhere in all this obsessive thought, bunnies in swimsuits bounced onto my sketchbook pages.

S- How was Maker Faire this year?  What were some of the highlights?

CP- Maker Faire was amazing this year! It's always fun, but it was extra special for me this time because I manned a huge booth with the Plush Team. It was fantastic to meet so many plushiers I admire in real life...not to mention see in person so many plushies I had only seen from afar. I was star struck by inanimate objects!

S- How did Chickenpants come about in the first place?

CP- I used to be a temp, and my husband Dan and I would commute to work together. We share a demented sense of humor, and we think words are funny. Somehow we make up words, and Chickenpants was one of those. The word gave me a very strong idea. I remember racing into my cubicle to draw it. I still have that sketchbook page.

S- Summer is almost here (it's totally raining here and gross).  Any big plans for this summer?

CP- Agh! Actually, it's been cold and rainy where I live, too. (Northern California foothills) My big plans were to grow and then eat THE BEST TOMATOES EVER! (I live a very, very exciting life.) But if the sun doesn't cooperate...well, I will kick it's big golden butt.
Oh, and in real life plans, I'm working hard on a new Chickenpants comic project that I hope to launch in July. Stay tuned!  Chickenpants will be looking very different soon.

S- Top 5 blogs you are following these days?

CP- I've been really enjoying Hyperbole and a Half lately. (http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/)
I met David Malki at Maker Faire, and since then, I've been catching up on Wondermark. (http://wondermark.com/) Very funny stuff.
Michael Nobbs' wonderful blog about getting creative work done (even with limited energy) is always an inspiration. (http://blog.michaelnobbs.com/

And of course, Regretsy and Dooce are always in my reader.


Cari said...

Thank you for introducing me to this charming Etsian. I've been enjoying her blog and photos of her work this evening.

ArtTales said...

I <3 Chickenpants :))