Thursday, June 24, 2010

Battle of the Bands Challenge!

Photo from Angelbot

I need a little shake up and hopefully this will help.  I had so much fun doing the Olympic Plush Challenge that I thought it would be nice to do another one!  Here in Seattle we have an annual music festival called Bumbershoot.  It's three days long and has seen many great talents.  I don't really go anymore because I hate crowds and prefer the intimate shows BUT I can hear a lot of it from my apartment :)  I noticed this year they are celebrating their 40th anniversary and it got me thinking.  Thinking has resulted in the Battle of the Bands Challenge.

Here's how to play!

You email me to say you would like to participate (just so I have an idea how many there will be).  Send email to kristen(at)schmancytoys(dot)com with the subject line saying Battle of the Bands

Then you check out the Bumbershoot lineup and choose a musician or band you will turn into plush.

You have until Sept. 1st to send me a photo (just one please) of your plush rendition.  I will put all photos up by Sept. 4th.  Then the judges (to be announced soon and there are some goodies including a musician and a dj from kexp!!!) will choose a 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place winner in these categories:

Best Likeness
Rock Star Choice Award (best representation of song)
Roadies Choice (most rockin')

Winners will receive prizes including a mix tape made by me along with some other goodies.

When you submit your photo PLEASE INCLUDE your website or blog or etsy shop and what musician or band you transformed into stuffed awesomeness.

** If you want to send me a photo I would like to get some of the work in here by Sept. 1st to do a window display.  If your piece is approved you can send it here for the window and to be sold in the shop! (it will still be apart of the challenge as well)

Rock on!


Virginie said...

Great idea! Even though I had wanted to participate in the Olympic Plush Challenge, but no one ever contacted me from PlushYou!

Anonymous said...

what a fun challenge! I already picked the person I am going to plush :) so much fun

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait for this! Very excited and brainstormin ideas already :)

Schmancy said...

Virginie...i am sorry. perhaps my email went to spam?

Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

whee! looking forward to this!

Anna said...

I love this challenge! If I can squeeze it in, I would love to do it!

Schmancy said...

You guys can now do whatever you like. dead or alive, just have fun with it!