Friday, May 21, 2010

Plush You! Update.

I have been told by several folks about concerns about Plush You!  Here is an explanation.  I first had applicants trickling in and all was manageable.  When I left for NYC for the opening of Lost at Sea, I began to get a huge influx in applicants and had no time in front of the computer which was a bit unexpected.  So I did not get a confirmation email out to everyone and I apologize.  Then I have been sick and kinda miserable.  So I am beginning to send acceptance letters or sadly, rejection ones now.  I should be done by tomorrow evening at the latest.  If by tomorrow night you have not gotten one word or another please let me know and I can look into it for you.  Nancy has agreed to host Plush You! as well so please read over your email carefully so you know where you will be.

As for Fancy.  They are now taking applicants for plush jewelry.  How to apply?  Send an email to howdy(at)fancyjewels(dot)com.  In the subject line put Plush You! and include your name, where you live along with three images that represent your work.

Thank you for your patience.  I do apologize for my delay.  I wish I could clone myself so I could be at home sleeping and the well Kristen could be here working.

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