Saturday, May 15, 2010

Moon's Creations Interview

Cute mutant, glow-in-the-dark bunnies are invading my store soon.  To hear more about the maker, Moon Creations, read below!  I am excited for you to meet these guys.  They will be in the store and online starting May 19th!

S- What inspired you for this exclusive?

MC- I was definitely inspired by the yarn choice. The particular yarn I used is a discontinued item and I had to search high and low to obtain any skeins. In the end, the colors did not mesh with my original design plan. In a rush to get together a new design, I was swimming in glowing ideas, to the point that I just couldn't pick one. In exasperation, I turned to my friend Kelly said, quite plainly, "Why don't you make mutants." It was like a light bulb burst and I knew I just had to create glowing mutant bunnies, each with their own unique mutation.

S- What is your favorite brand of yarn and why?

MC- My absolute favorite brand of yarn is Elann's Peruvian Highland Wool. The texture is so delicious and the color variety can't be beat. However, when it comes to making amigurumi, I want my pieces to have a firmness to them that helps keep their shape. I've found the best yarn for this is acrylic yarns. I use Red Heart Worsted yarn. There it is, my secret is out. It has a texture that can't be beat. I'd never make a baby blanket or, heaven forbid, a sweater, but for sculptures, it's tops.

S- What drew you to bunnies as your favorite plush muse?

MC- The bunny idea came about from poverty. When I made my first Moon Bun, I was homeless and jobless during Christmas. I'm crazy for holidays, so I couldn't stand that I didn't have any presents for my friends. I had some yarn left over from a knitting project and crocheted a little bunny for a friend who collected them. After that, I just couldn't stop. They have such innocent personalities and they're so fun to dress-up.

S- Why do you think amigurumi is so appealing?

MC- Amigurumi is fantastic. It's relatively easy (only basic stitches are required) and the results are often adorable. (Although I'll never admit to my first attempts. They're horrifying.) These facts make it very accessible to anyone and I like that; a craft for the masses. My ultimate favorite feature of amigurumi is frogging. I'm not very good at sewing dolls, because I end up wasting more fabric than sewing. While if I mess up crocheting, I can pull it all to pieces without wasting snippets of expensive fabric.

S-You have sold A LOT on Etsy.  What is some advice for those having a hard time with Etsy or intimidated by it?

MC- Thank you so much. To be honest, I always feel like I'm not working hard enough or selling enough.  Let's see, my first piece of advice to anyone starting out with Etsy or having a hard time with sales would be persistence. If you believe in your product, others will believe in it too. My second piece of advice is  patience. You won't sell out the first day or maybe the first month, but you must keep working at it. My first sale didn't come until 3 months of being open. And finally a third piece of advice would be customer service. If you treat all of your customers as you would want to be treated it resonates with people and they will return.


LoRi said...

I love the new bunnies!! Marcy is so talented! <333

Leeanna Butcher said...

woot! LOVE the mutant bunnies! Can't wait to get one. :D

teamoddity said...

More Moonbuns..and cute mutated ones to boot! Sweet!

Michelle said...

I really love these little guys and enjoyed reading the interview. :)