Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If you live in Seattle

If you are in Seattle you gotta check this out!

Please join us for the opening reception of Monster Sweets, a plush sweets and monster pop up store created by Softlife students from Salmon Bay and Lawton Elementary schools. Reception begins on June 11, at five o'clock at TerraBella Flowers, 8417 Greenwood Ave. N., in conjunction with the Greenwood art walk. The store will be open for the remainder of the month of June. There will be a wide array of plush treats, and monster plushies for sale 
as well as real live ice cream sundays for your enjoyment. The kids have been hard at work for the past five months, doing it for themselves. Please come out and support their talent and effort! 

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Jenny said...

How freaking awesome! Wish I lived in the area!