Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mujuworld Interview

I discovered the awesomeness that is Mujuworld several years back via my friend and plush maker extraordinaire, Snaggs.  Snaggs had a bbq over the summer where I finally got to see a Muju piece in person.  Gasp!  The bright colors, the intricate design and piecing is amazing.  I am so glad to finally be able to chat it up a bit with the maker behind these amazing felt creations.

S- Please tell our readers a bit about the Muju team and what it's like to be half of the Muju world...I imagine it's pretty magical.

M- Team Muju have been going since 2004, creating Muju characters in many different mediums and scales, from tiny 3D felt toys & stickers, to prints, paintings, and walls.  We have exhibited our artwork around the world in group and solo shows since 2005.  You can see more of what we do on our website: and check out more muju creations in our etsy store
We both love making things and learning new artistic skills.  It's much more fun to be part of an artist team, as we are a constant inspiration to each other.

Mujuworld is a magic place, and to ensure it stays that way we have to make our lives magical too...the two things are interconnected.  That is why we do crazy things like living in an old 60s bus for a summer, or heading off on adventures round the world.  We are both keen photographers, so wherever we go our bags are filled with cameras and toys.  Right now we are living in an old cottage on a hill overlooking the sea.  This is an ideal location to keep the creative vibes flowing.

S- Your piece for the Momiji Couture contest is AMAZING!  Can you tell us more about this amazing piece???

M- I really enjoyed this project, as usually I don't stray from the Muju format when working in felt. For this contest I created my own plush Momiji called Sky.  I used elements of the mujuworld in the patterns on the Momiji character, as well as seeking inspiration from nature.  Last year I spent 6 weeks traveling around New Zealand in a campervan.  The landscapes where epic, and the expanses of sky were awe-inspiring. On darker days the clouds would pile up and roll in across the mountains and lakes in fantastic formations.   These views and experiences influenced the 'natural elements' theme of my Momiji, but the character is more a reflection of myself in the Momiji world.  My long red hair is often tied up in two knots with sticks holding them in it seemed right that Sky should have lightning bolts through her hair in the same style.  This made the project more personal, as it became a version of me in felt.  I was thrilled to get 3rd place in this contest, and Sky was even luckier than me, as she got to hang out at the winning exhibition at Royal/T gallery, LA.

S- What is the plush world like in St. Ives?

M- St Ives is well known in the UK as a hub for artists, from landscape painters, to sculptures, potters and many creative types.  It is located right on the south west tip of England, and the town itself is on a headland surrounded by water on 3 sides.  This natural landscape and light draws artists here, however, I am the first plush artist to set up camp, so the plush world in St Ives is entirely Muju shaped.  

S- Your pieces are so intricate and colorful!  I gasp each time I see one.  How do you work on such a small scale?  What's your favorite tool?

M- Thank you!  I can work on such a small scale because I use very small sharp scissors.  My scissors are my main tool, so they are definitely my favorite!  I love getting lost in tiny intricate patterns - the smaller the better.  Maybe my next challenge should be to make something big out of felt, as I so often stick to tiny Muju characters :)

S- What's the most exciting thing you might like to report from Muju world to date?

M- I have just finished making a new handmade Muju Felt Toy collection, which will be released on the the 1st May 2010.  The 'Muju Astral Series'  are 9 handsewn Felt Muju's, each in a different color.  
Mr Muju will be releasing a limited edition 'Astral Muju Power' print which will be included with each toy.

I am especially excited about being included in an all-female felt Artist line-up hitting Giant Robot this the Mujuworld space for details :)


sassypackrat said...

I recently discovered Mujuworld and am in love! So excited to see and read this interview!

out of the frame said...

wow I love the momiji doll! and I love St Ives - if I'm ever there again I will certainly look out for Mujuworld :)

Anonymous said...

i like the color, and i love mujuworld...