Monday, February 08, 2010

Debbie Stoller's new yarn

In the latest issue of Bust, Debbie Stoller has a beautiful pattern up for a throw using her new line of yarn, Full O'Sheep.  It has been a really mild winter here so I haven't had a huge itch to crochet these days but seeing this pattern, it made me get the itch and it just won't go away.  I was trying to justify bringing a ton of yarn on my trip because this would be a fun way to spend a million hours on an airplane BUT maybe not the most practical?  I am really intrigued with her new line AND it's so cheap!  Here is the description from JoAnn's Website

"Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller Full o'Sheep Yarn. Full o' Sheep is a 100% wool single ply yarn. With a wonderful loft that makes it perfect for colorwork, it is also great for felting. This quality wool comes in a variety of vibrant, fashion-forward shades that combine wonderfully with each other. Hand wash gently in cold water. Lay flat to dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron. May be dry cleaned. This yarn will felt if machine washed."

At 4.99 who can go wrong?


shan said...

Careful, the pattern in Bust is wrong. Use this one instead:

Jeni said...

Would someone help me with the pattern? I'm super confused!!! My email is