Monday, February 01, 2010

Art Swap

Awhile ago my friend invited me to take part in an art swap.  It was super fun and I am starting to get goodies in the mail!  I first wanted to let all know that I was NOT the one to start it.  For some reason I thought if I sent the email out with her name you would get confused and so I switched the name.  So I apologize for that, I don't want to take credit for that brilliant idea when it was not mine.  Anyways, I have thus far gotten some awesome stuff!

I got the sweetest bird which I am in love with and immediately hung on my wall from the talented lady, Nicole Licht.  I forgot to take my camera home but it sort of looks like this! (without the branch).  Oh how I love her work!

I also got some of the cutest little ghosties by Follow the White Rabbit

Then I got a really cute lamb and pin which is like a miniature piece of art from Susan Moloney.

There might even be more on the way!  Yay for art swap!


Fuzzington said...

OH WOW! Super cute! I want in on the art swap! How do you join??

Shannah said...

For real, i'd be down with this. How do we partake is such a swap.

Schmancy said...

hmmm well this gives me something to think about. Too much right now to do but maybe when I return I can put together one