Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meet Our Judges

Judge #3 is Leeanna Butcher of Plushgoodness fame.  Here are her stats.

please state your name and occupation:  Leeanna Butcher (Plush Goodness), freelance artist and plush maker.

Favorite sport: Hockey, no question. As a Canadian, it is in my blood. :D Go Flames!

Least Favorite Sport: Boxing. I can't stand to watch men and women deliberately beat each other to a pulp. *winces*

Why I love plush?  Wow. It'll be tough to be succinct on this one. I've loved plush since I was a kid, and I find that it is an amazing creative high to watch my 2D sketches turn into a soft and cuddly 3D plush. I am continually in awe of all the different ways that each plush artist uses to express their creative vision, so many ideas and styles that I would never have thought of! I am inspired every day by all the amazing plush I see on the internet and at plush shows.

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