Friday, January 22, 2010

Hello Kitty!

I feel like everything I do stems from my love of Hello Kitty. I have been asked to put a call out to folks for an exhibit that will feature the famous kitty herself at the Emp here in Seattle.

Here is what they are asking for "We are looking for artists of all mediums, may be it plush, traditional / digital media, musicians, anyone who uses Hello Kitty as an inspiration for their work. We currently do not have any restrictions, but are aiming to gather as many different kinds of modern Hello Kitty influences as we can. We are unfortunately still in the brainstorming stage and so the way in which each piece will be incorporated is still being worked out. We do know that we would like to display original artists’ work alongside Sanrio’s official work to make the space more lively. There is still time until the exhibit, and so if anyone interested could contact me at kyokah(at)empsfm(dot)org along with URLs of their website, photo samples of their work, etc. that would be perfect!"

Good Luck!


out of the frame said...

I love Hello Kitty! There was an exhibition similar to this called Three Apples in LA last year for Hello Kitty's 35th Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I went to the three apples exhibit and it was really fun. The whole time I was wandering how I could be a part of a future Sanrio-inspired show. This is it!

Danielle said...

I love hello kitty.....a lot.... :D