Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Michal Wright-Ward Interview

Michal Wright-Ward made me speechless and I will tell you why. She made TWENTY FIVE amazing plush creations (see above) for her plush exclusive. They are all super detailed, crazy cute and well amazing. They will be on sale tomorrow, Dec. 2nd so don't delay. They would make a really great gift for someone you love. I had an interview with this amazing lady and here it is.

S- What was your inspiration for this exclusive toy release?

MWW- I liked the idea of making a group of plushies, which means they'll all be similar, and seeing how within it, I can make them into individuals. It's a bit of a commentary on the human condition, with a wink and a smile.

S- Do you have any thing else you must do before the year comes to an end?

MWW- It's been a very busy couple of years for me, so I'm actually taking a bit of a step back right now, taking inventory of everything I've done, collecting ideas and making decisions as to what I want to do next.

S- What has been your best plush making experience at this point in your career?

MWW- Seeing people's reaction to my plush. It's really been amazing seeing people look at them and smile, or laugh, or bring up childhood memories. It's like I told them a story and it made them happy, and that's exactly what I've been trying to do.

S- Favorite new supply or new technique discovered in 2009?

MWW- The new Viking Sewing machine I got from my husband for Christmas. It allows me to try new things and speed my work process. Great tools make a world of difference.

S- Goal for 2010?

MWW- Make more plush! I want to stretch my imagination farther. And I have a couple of (for now) secret projects I'd like to at least start on.

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