Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Your plushie can make a tv debut!

Cathie sent me this email this morning.

"I am looking for a few stuffed animals for a kids craft television show I am working on.

I need about 25 in total and would love to feature artists or friends. The animals will be used in filming and each animal will get a close up. (no make-up though)

The "animals" can be anything....play food with eyes, dolls, plushies, monsters, stuffed socks, etc. They can be realistic or totally off the wall.

I can return the animals as soon as we are finished with them or I can donate them to the kids shelter were Eddie and I donate toys and fruit. (Please include a note with info if you want your piece sent back Or if you want it to be donated. If you want it shipped back include your address)"

Animals can be mailed to:

Cathie Filian

1543 Fairfield St

Glendale, CA 91201


Creative Fly Designz said...

I'd be honored to send an aromigurumi of mine ... what size are they looking for?

Lowell and Son said...

Wow this sounds awesome! Perhaps a Monster Kitty will make it's way to California.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the UK - would you accept one of my sock monsters? Take a look on my site and let me know if you think they'd be suitable. They're easy enough for kids to make (my 8yr old has made three already!), and I can send instructions too if that's any use.

Schmancy said...

you can send whatever kind of size. i am not the person behind this, this was just an email I got so feel free to email me and I can forward it on to Cathie.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Do you know by what date she needs them? I have one I can send and then have returned to me, but I'd love to make one that can be donated if I have the time.

Schmancy said...

If anyone has questions to ask Cathie directly feel free to email me at kristen at schmancytoys dot com and I can forwarded them to her. I have no answers.