Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Perfect Craft for those that have too much stuff

I just signed another lease on my studio apartment. For someone like me, I run out of room very quickly. I have a lot of things, not much room and continue to bring new things home. I have tried to get rid of things by making "Jars of Treasure" for the last winter Urban Craft Uprising show along with some other "treasure like" items in the past. I think because I just signed another lease I am thinking I need a good purge. Moving is a great excuse to do so but when you don't have that, the motivation is not there. I remembered Megan making surprise balls and I am so glad she included a tutorial. Perhaps this could be my new way of getting rid of some of those things I don't need but someone else might!

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Hasenpfeffer Inc. said...

I so remember these from when I was a kid. My mom used yarn for the balls instead of the crepe sheets. It's a great way to make knitting a bit more interesting for a little girl. And it still works to this day. :)