Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sweet Meats Interview

I had the pleasure of sitting next to Lauren, creator of Sweet Meats at the You Bazaar! They were selling like hot cakes...can meat sell like pancakes? hmmm. Anyways, they are awesome and there is no reason to argue with that. This Wednesday, get your bacon on with an exclusive Schmancy release. This bacon will not be sold at any other retail location except for Schmancy. Get your bacon before anyone else! Released July 29th at Schmancy. I had a little email chat with Lauren about her meats and what makes them so special.

S- Sweet Meats are all the rage. What made you want to make stuffed meat?

SM- There were butchers on both sides of my family so I grew up with a deep appreciation for meat. I've always been a crafter, and when I decided to try my hand at soft sculpture, meat was a natural subject for me.

S-Tell us a bit about the new bacon that will be in Schmancy

SM- Oh man, I'm so excited about this bacon. I've been working on this design for literally years, I almost can't believe it's finally finished! "Shapin' Bacon" uses Sweet Meats "crinkle technology" to create a toy that is both super soft and posable, allowing YOU to decide just how crispy you like it. It is going to be sold as a limited edition of 1,000.

S- What are some of your summer plans?

SM- Most of this summer I'll continue to roll out Shapin' Bacon while working on a whole new (non-meaty) line of plush. Then the hubby and I will take some time at the end of August to visit family on the East Coast and relax a little.


Anonymous said...

This is a great interview. I'm always gravitating towards their booth at craft fairs. It's all so simple and sweet-pardon the pun.

p.s. you called them "sweat" instead of "sweet" meats :)

iheartguts said...

lovvvve the bacon!