Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Plush You 2009- Info

It appears that I am not the only one to start getting Plush You stuff. I do want these things in time to take pictures and all that but July is just WAY too soon. Please do not send your work until August. I don't have enough storage and none of the other stores do either. If you are showing work at the other locations please contact them directly to see when it is too early and too late.

Also, for most stores, you are only allowed to send up to 3 items at max unless told otherwise.

Thank you. more to come as the time approaches.


Trish Tatman said...

The original email said to send work by August 1st, or else it wouldn't be accepted for the show- that might be why people are sending things now, just to make sure it gets there in time. Maybe send out an email confirming when people should have things in by?


Schmancy said...

oh o.k. thank goodness i got myself an intern. too much to do and never enough time. more to come via newsletter.

Eva said...

I was going to send my stuff in at the end of July as well because I thought that we had to have everything sent in by Aug. 1st.

But if it's later, I will be more than happy because I could use the extra time :)

I'll keep my eyes open for the update!