Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maybe you can help?

I have been keeping a "journal" of sorts. It's full of my goals for Schmancy, me, life, etc. Some are big and some are attainable. Some are attainable with help. So here I am to ask who might be up for this. I have always wanted a Plush You plush sign for the show. I made a P last year and then well I got too busy. I want each letter to have character. It could have an eyeball, be made with fur, felt, whatever. I would gladly give you some props here and give you one month of free advertising on this blog. What you can do if you are interested is send me an email to kristen(at)schmancytoys(dot)com and say in the subject line Plush You sign. I will then assign you a letter that you make which I need to get here by October 1st. Each letter needs to be 25" tall and about 10" wide depending on your letter. Who's in? Have I told you how much I love you?? Well a lot of you are in. I got so many emails. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! GOAL CAN BE CROSSED OFF! I LOVE crossing things off the list. Thank you! I don't need anymore helpers. xoxoox


Sarah said...

I'm in! Just emailed you :)

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

Count me in!! What fabrics does it need to be?

Anonymous said...

i would love to help! my work can be see at

i read your blog often and love the work you feature!!!