Friday, June 12, 2009

School's Out For The Summer

Most kid's in Seattle had to go to school longer this year because of so many missed days during the unusual snow days. But I believe today marks the summer for them and most likely many other kid's in the country. The best part of the summer for me as a kid besides the obvious was the idea of getting new school supplies the next year. I LOVED getting school supplies. I still love the look of lined paper so using this image for anything crafty really gets my goat.

Wallet by Quiet Doing

From IndyGrrrlProductions

Cute bobby pins from On Beyond Zebra

AND Pencils....

From Axandapple's

From Monkey Travel Club

By DaniBop Designs


H said...

adorable wallet

Valo said...


LaurenSmash said...

love those barrettes! great post :D