Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fiber Arctic- Kate Greiner

It's funny to write about your friend. I love Kate. She's always fun to have around, she's funny, she's nice and a real hard worker. AND she makes awesome stuff. She has a large range of talents so it's hard to pick a favorite. So basically I have concluded that I like whatever she does. She's my friend and should be yours too.

S- How long have you been sewing and what are your favorite aspects to this art medium?

KM- Junior high is when I got really into sewing- I guess that coincides with me getting my first sewing machine. My favorite aspect to sewing is the backwards or reverse thinking part, I am also a printmaker and use the same part of my brain for that- it is satisfying.

S- What are some of your current projects you are working on?

KM- Right now I am making cashmere strawberries and dresses. I try to use almost all recycled fabrics. I keep thinking about Indiana Jones while I am sewing- I am about to add secret hidden pockets to everything.

S- Many artists struggle with living as an artist. You always seem to be working on some kind of project. How do you stay motivated? How do you manage all of your different loves?

KM- My husband and I are both artists and all we do is make stuff. I could never stop…it is a stupid joke to pretend that I could (I do pretend this sometimes). Ideas just come to me and the motivation follows. In terms of managing when I use certain materials first I work to fulfill orders, commissions, and restocking my store then I do whatever the hell I feel like doing!

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