Thursday, June 04, 2009

Fiber Arctic- Jessica Marquez

Jessica Marquez has a certain touch many people take their whole lives to achieve. Her work is beautiful, the details are impeccable and you can see the love that goes into each piece she creates. From her lovely message in the bottle to her photography to her amazing embroidery art. I really love her work and think you should too.

S- I really love your message in a bottle letter service. How is it typing up someone else's messages, love notes, etc.?

JM- It’s amazing! Truly, I never thought I would get the kind of unabashed responses that I have been receiving again and again. Sometimes the words are simple and direct, but there are many letters that when I type them I feel a sense of guilt creeping in, because I’m involved with someone’s most personal sentiments. It’s perfect for the voyeur in me, but more than that, it’s such an honor to be able to help share these tokens of affection. The end result of the letter service is a little object- a memento, and I try to make all my work little objects of memorial and remembrance.

S- You were in the show, Forget Me-Not this past Feb. where I got to meet you. Your work really stood out to many of us. The various stitches worked into your pieces and your attention to detail is so impressive. What is your background in art?

JM- Thanks! I loved all the work in Forget Me-Not and am very grateful to have been involved. Formally, I have a fine arts background studying, mainly, photography and art history. Growing up though, I was surrounded by creative women who worked with their hands and were always making, which inspired a strong love of handmade. The women in my family love to craft, cook, and enjoy doing these things together. So I have this sense of the familial tied to crafting and warmth too. Throughout school I sought out classes like bookmaking and metals that involved using my hands. Even in photography you are shaping images in a very hands on way, and I like to use my images to create something tangible. What I enjoy is the process- the time and labor involved with making is very enjoyable to me.

S- I see you will be at Renegade. Feel prepared? What are some of the items folks will be able to find from you?

JM- I’m prepared to be schooled!! Renegade is my first craft fair….so, at the moment I’m feeling nervous and scared-- excited too! Since it’s my first fair I don’t know if I could feel prepared. There are so many things I never considered before being on the other side of the table, like how much to bring, how much it costs to gather your materials together, as well as the planning and organizing. This week before renegade is going to be a non-stop week of making, trying to focus, and push my insecurities out of my mind. The fair will be a great learning experience for me.

At the fair I’ll have lots of small objects. Of course I’ll have a bunch of needlework pieces: constellations, samplers, red crosses and custom piece. There will be miniature cabinets of curiosities (tiny collections of small curious objects), books, and I’m even working on encaustic with vintage imagery. I also plan to have the Letter Service available for custom orders. I’m crazy excited about what I’m making and really looking forward to sharing it!

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