Saturday, May 16, 2009

Flickr Finds

Last night I went out with the lovely Dawn and had a long talk about flickr. Unfortunately I don't have too much time these days to look through my contacts but this conversation gave me the itch to do so. Here are some lovelies to feast your eyes upon.

From Cat Rabbit

From Olivia Ew

From Noferin. I heart them! Their natural wood toys are coming soon to Schmancy.

I think if I should ever get hitched I would want one of these. Made by the super talented, The Small Object. And my husband would look like this :)

Give a big CONGRATULATIONS to Cutesypoo as they just had their baby!!!

This is a beautiful brooch made by Lil fish studios. She will have a tutorial in my upcoming book, Button and Stitch. More to come soon on that.

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lookwhaticando said...

I had a lot of fun and yup we could of stood outside talking for another 2 hours. I look forward to hanging out with you...let's do it again soon. :)