Wednesday, March 18, 2009


If you are still weary of Twitter, I totally understand. But I am here to tell you that it is a really good place to find information you are interested in and quickly. Here are a few things I have learned today because of Twitter:

Registration for The Summit of Awesome is now up

New patterns are now up at Sublime Stitching

You can enter for your chance to win a copy of The Best Casserole Cookbook Ever
Enter here. I would love to win this cookbook! My friends and I have been wanting to have a casserole party since the soup party. This would ensure that I make the BEST casserole right?

Also learned about an article in The New York Times about Finding Health Insurance If You Are Self-Employed

I found out about a new pho and frozen yogurt spot in Fremont via The Seattle Weekly. This makes me happy because I really love both.

And lastly, Dwight from the office has a blog.

So are you convinced yet?


Anonymous said...

And what is your Twitter account? :)

Schmancy said...

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I got you on follow for myself (@kirkryyn), the gallery (@halogengallery) and s3a (@s3a)!