Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Needle

Claire Chambers directed me to an article up on The Needle by the super duper talented Robyn Fabsits about how to get paid, etc. for participating in a show. She rest assured me that this was not a hint. I would like to add that, for myself anyways, that I am a one woman ordeal. No excuses but I am. I get busy and I am more than happy to get a hey, what's up email. No need to be mean but friendly reminders are nice. I even have to send out reminder emails at times saying "hey, ummm don't you want your money". I know we all get busy and I do think I am finding my way in this whole "i own a business" thing but sometimes we all need a little push. So if you are interested or concerned just send out an email first. I think it's awful when folks lie and say your work was NOT sold when it was. That's just dishonest and nutty. Anyways, enough ramble.


robyn fabsits said...

I just felt that because my name was attached to this show, I don't need to name them they know who they are, that I needed to do something. I hope this can at least help people in the future.

Absolutely Small said...

Thanks so much for helping spread the word! I think a lot of us are artists first, and business-minded only when forced. Hopefully this will help a little. ^-^
(And yes...most assuredly NOT a hint- Plush You is great when it comes to this stuff!)