Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Mom is one year older

Today is my mom's birthday. She lives in Cleveland, a place I don't go to very much so unfortunately I can't celebrate this day with her so I send her love and kisses from Seattle. And cakes

Cute cupcake from Cute Designs

From Crazy Cakes

From JC Skyline

o.k. this is making me very hungry. I hope my mom has a very happy birthday.
Going out with the lovely Dawn tonight. Can't wait. She has kindly offered to help me with this year's Plush You! show so I am excited to see what we can do. I'm gonna pick your brain Dawn- watch out!

I also just added a few more bibs to my etsy store.

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lookwhaticando said...

You are tooooo funny.
I had a lot of fun last night and I can't wait for Plush You!!!!!! The bibs are adorable!!! Thanks so much and can't wait to see you again sooon :)