Monday, March 09, 2009

Maribel Made

When I talk about plush and the plush movement, one example I tend to use is the sock monkey. There are a ton of folks out there making sock monkeys. You might think they would look similar, lacking individuality but that's where the beauty lies. With all the artists making plush with socks, they are actually VERY different. This brings me to my latest sock monkey discovery, Maribel Made. These guys are so adorable and another excellent example of how unique the sock monkey can still be.

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Maribel Made said...

Hello Schmancy!

Thank you very much for finding me and writing about my Mars Sock Monkeys! The only difference between them and other sock monkeys is their knitted clothing. :)

I'm currently working on custom orders. If anyone is interested in one just send me a message and I'll add you to my queue. My email is maribelmade [at] Thanks! ♥