Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Plush You 2009

I have been thinking A LOT about this year's Plush You show. After a lot of back and forth thought and discussion I have decided to NOT have two shows. The economy is poor and I have felt that at my store. To pay for flying myself, the promotions, etc. it is simply too much for me to do this year. I hope that as things hopefully get better I can plan for more than one show in 2010. (holy crap...i can't believe that's not far off). Anyways, I hope that you all understand and will still be happy with the show this year. I will give it my all once again to make this show knock everyone's socks off. I promise. So Seattle it is. The show will be on October 9th. I will be taking applications until March 15th and then no more. I already have hundreds of applicants so I will be very strict this year with that deadline. If you are accepted you are required to participate so if things have come up since you applied please let me know if you are no longer interested. Space is obviously limited and I would hate for someone to miss out that really wants to participate. This is my favorite show and one of my favorite parts of my job. Please be patient with me, I am a one woman show, I will try really hard to get back to you all by April 1st.

The new part of the show will be at Fancy. Instead of carrying the plush toys she is looking for plush jewelry. This will make it easier for her to display and will make the show new and fresh. So if you are applying to this portion of the show PLEASE put "Plush Jewels" in your subject.

To revisit the guidelines for applying here goes:

1) Send three photos to plushyou2009(at)gmail(dot)com. ONLY THREE. These three photos should represent your work but does not have to be what you will submit to the show. Obviously a lot of you make one-of-a-kind pieces so please choose the best three photos that represent your work.

2) Include your name, your email, where you live and website link

3) Wait patiently for our response.

4) If you are applying to Fancy, please put so in subject. You can apply to both but it doesn't guarantee you both spaces. If you want to apply to both, please send two emails.

Thank you.


Grace said...

Does one need to be present at the show to participate?

Schmancy said...

No, it's always nice to meet folks but is not required.

becca jo said...

oh i'm so glad i haven't missed the deadline! i was in the first show lo so many years ago...i was so bummed i missed the last one! yay! i'm TOTALLY going to apply make some plush jewelry too! yay!

Hatsuko said...

I applied to participate in September 2008 for the 2009 show. Is it normal not to receive a reply yet or should I resend? I was afraid maybe my email was never received.

Schmancy said...

It is normal not to hear anything because I forgot to do that automatic response but I will make it my goal to try and go through them all next week and just send you an email letting you know.

Hatsuko said...

I see! Thanks for letting me know (: