Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm Back

Hello Friends.

I am back in Seattle and have to say, very happy to be here. I got a bad cold at the mid point of my vacation and have to say that being sick on vacation really sucks and being sick in NYC REALLY sucks. At any rate, I had fun still and the opening for Forget Me-Not was truly amazing! The place was packed...so much so that I had to find a corner to stand in to lessen my claustrophobic anxiety. I did venture out and got to meet some amazing folks including, Joetta, Orly Cogan, Nicole, who has a great thread of photos, Jessica and tons of fans of embroidery. I also got to see some great old friends including Parisa from Pillows for the People, Laurel from Mad Imports and many others. It was a great time! Thank you so much for Gallery Hanahou. They are the sweetest people in the world and were so helpful.

I also had the pleasure of having tea with the lovely Anna of Mochimochi Land and Jenny Harada. It was so fun to just chat it up with some crafty ladies!

It was also mentioned in Time Out which was a great honor.

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