Thursday, January 15, 2009

Valentine's Day isn't that far off

I can't believe that Valentine's Day isn't that far off. I know it's a pretty last minute gift time for many. I used to work at a large bookstore and I was the card buyer. It was hilarious how busy we would be on Valentine's Day with frantic men looking for cards and gifts. If you want to support the handmade (and you should), I compiled a little list of good gift ideas.

These are really cute ties by Field Guided

I also really like these screen printed ties

You could get a little fortune cookie with your own nice (or not so nice) message from me

This is a sweet vase.

I always feel a little strange giving soap because I feel like it's a bit of a generic gift (although I actually really appreciate that stuff when I get it), this soap is pretty dang cute.

For your sweetest pea get one of these.

This cloud necklace from Fancy sure is a beauty.

Don't forget a card!

Did someone ever break your heart but then you meet someone even greater that patched up that last wound. This necklace would be perfect for that special someone.

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These are really cool ideas!
Good job!
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