Saturday, January 03, 2009


I know I have mentioned this before but I thought it was super funny when I asked people in the Plush You book what was an essential supply for them. A lot of folks said a CUTE pincushion. With the new year (happy new year btw) I thought many of you might have a lot of crafty goals for the new year. I know I do. Pincushions will undoubtedly be necessary. If you need a new pincushion for the new are some great ones.

Feltmates makes wickedly cute pincushions for an amazing price!

This is a really cute one with Daisy's from The Blue Daisy

This little squirrel is the sweetest little thing. I would almost hate to stick it with pins!

This would make a great present for a sewer who has everything.

Or this necklace!

I like this too

What is your first craft project for 2009? I am working on a rug. My favorite friend in the whole world, we have been friends since Brownies, is visiting me in a few weeks and my goal is to get it done by the time she arrives. I'll take a few pictures of my progress but I am super excited about it!


mandapanda said...

oh these are just lovely! I love the one from ginpins!...but the ones from Lucyslocket and octopus parlour are fantastic too! Thankyou for sharing!

kelseycliche said...

That first pincushion is really cute! My first project is a toss up between making removable wall decals and resin jewelry. We'll see which one happens first. :]

Octopus Parlour said...

Thank you so much for posting a link to my pincushion necklace! Your support is greatly appreciated. :)