Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Write It

I am so so bad with cards. I think I should write them on the day of Christmas for the next year because I am that bad at it. Here are some great ideas for making your own cards and gift tags as well as some great places to buy them.

Little Brown Pen has tons of great gift ideas that you can print yourself. I know I was going to talk about cards and gift tags but I got distracted by this awesome printable calendar. Cute!!!

I don't really like the fabric choice here but the idea is still good. Make your own gift tags here

There are a bunch of tips for making your own cards and gift tags over here

Blue Tricycle has some super cute downloads for cards and gift tags, including these!

This week I will also be doing a post on good edible treats to give to family and friends. These tags would be the perfect addition to anything you bake.

If you are running out of time to make your own cards and tags, here are some places you can just buy them!

This delicious card from our neighbors, Nancy

These recipe cards are beautiful and would make a nice addition to your homemade goodies!

This is the kinda card I would give.

I really like this card by Treatzone

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