Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Plush You 2009

Man, I am shocked how many folks have already applied for next year's Plush You! show. I guess if it's on your radar you might as well go ahead and apply while you are thinking about it. I am so impressed to see how many people have and how many people are applying from all over the world! It's an honor, I really really feel that way. SO if you want to apply just do it now! I hate how many people forget and are asking the week before the opening how to get in...it makes me sad. You can send an email to plushyou2009@gmail.com. It is not o.k. to add me to your mailing lists without first getting permission. I really only use this email to communicate about the show. Please also send three images of your choosing. These photos should represent your work but do not have to be what you actually submit. Please do not send more than three. There are a lot of you and going through all these emails is a job in itself. It makes it a lot easier with only three. Then also include your name, where you live and a website if you got one. It's pretty simple. I can't say yet when I will jury it as I still don't know yet what I will be doing next year. I want to look into various ideas before I make any official announcements.


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MiauMau said...


I would really like to participate this year, but I'm about to start a (coff, coff... crazy) new project that I would really like to add as one of the examples of my work, so I would really like to know what is the end date to "hand" in my application?